Crowbar Jones

Y'all has to start somewhere!

We got our name “Crowbar Jones” from our great-grandpappy, Delmos Jones; thee best auto mechanic south of the Ohio River.

Delmos had a garage down in Big Bone Lick, Kentucky, and was known "far and wide" for his unorthodox methods.

When Delmos was havin’ troubles gettin something to "cooperate", he would just smack the damn thing with a big ol' crowbar! Which, to the amazement of his co-workers and friends alike, would get the damn thing runnin'!

This pretty much got everybody calling him "Ol' Crowbar Jones", in which he was just "tickled"!

Another thing ol' Delmos was known for, was his own personal mixture for "making stuff just run right"!

Today, we would call something like this a "preventative lubricant".

But back then, Delmos, and most others at the time, had a hard time saying "preventative lubricant", so 'Ol Delmos decided to just call his "the Funk".

Word traveled, and the term "Rub some Funk on it" became the norm to stop any kind of "squeak", "tweak", "buzz" and "boing" in all sorts of powered machinery.

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